Phase I: Establish Baseline Energy and Water Use

MDP Energy will establish a baseline for energy and water consumption for each facility, and will also review current commodity acquisition practices in order to confirm that each facility is on the proper tariff, that there are no billing errors, and no more advantageous acquisition opportunities exist.

To properly obtain the deliverables required for Phase I it is expected MDP Energy will need to perform, but not limited too, some if not all and possibility others tasks to acquire the necessary end results and recommendations for Phase I. Those tasks are as follows:

  1. Obtain the needed energy billing data from the local distribution company.
  2. Examine utility bills for the past three years and establish base year consumption for electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, steam, water, etc. in terms of energy units (kWh, kW, ccf, gallons, lbs., etc.) and in terms of total dollars and dollars per unit.
  3. Describe the process to determine the base year (averaging, selecting most representative contiguous 12 months, etc.)
  4. Consult with facility personnel to account for any anomalous schedule or operating conditions on billing that could skew the base year representation.
  5. Account for periods of time when equipment was broken or malfunctioning in calculating the base year.
  6. State how future plans for the building may affect the baseline energy and water usage and how the baseline will be adjusted.
  7. List factors that may be adjusted such as cooling degree days, heating degree days, square footage changes, or changes to operating hours.
  8. Review existing energy commodity acquisition practices, and confirm that each facility is on the proper rate tariff.

Phase I Deliverables (Due within 30 days after issuance of contract Notice to proceed)

  1. MDP Energy -developed baseline based upon best practices.
  2. Provide short and long term commodity acquisition plans based upon federal standards.
  3. Report on current commodity acquisition practices.
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