Based upon The Client final selection of which ECMs upon which to proceed to Phase III, negotiations will be conducted based upon the quotation received for the costs to perform Phase III.

Phase III: Implementation Activity

The Client will, after completion of Phase II, instruct MDP Energy to perform the work required under Phase III by issuance of a separate notice to proceed and providing funding for this activity. A fixed-price to perform the requirements of Phase III will be determined through negotiations based upon the quotation required as a deliverable in Phase II.

Phase III includes the detailed development (detailed energy audit) of the ECMs The Client selected from the Phase II effort into a detailed technical and cost related evaluation and information package suitable to be used as the basis for a solicitation for either a EPC/Delivery Order RFP, The Client Area-wide Contract, or applicable Client program, including Major Construction, Minor Construction, Non-Recurring Maintenance, and Enhanced-Use Leasing, with selected Energy Savings Initiatives (ESI). This technical description is referred to as a “The Client Site Data Package” and will be submitted in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. This format will allow for organization of information in spreadsheets, with four levels of organization defined, entire facility; building; energy/water consuming system; and components. Where possible, the spreadsheets should contain logical links between the various levels. For example, energy use information at the component level should sum to the energy-consuming system level. Similarly, the energy use of all of the buildings in a facility should sum up to and display on the whole facility page.

Deliverables: (Due within 120 days of The Client notification to proceed with selected ECMs

  • 1. Technical Detailed Evaluation/Assessment not limited to, but including the following:
    • a. Provide a list of the energy deficiencies, need and conservation measures proposed for each building at each of The Client facility, and will provide as a minimum, a table that list building number, cost to accomplish, M&V Option, M&V cost to accomplish, status quo energy consumption baseline and guaranteed consumption savings, status quo energy baseline cost and guaranteed cost savings, installed project cost, and guaranteed simple payback.
    • b. Provide a discussion on each energy deficiency, need or conservation measure that includes an equipment and technical description, detailed information about the energy savings for each ECM, the cost to implement each ECM, Measurement and Verification plan and associated costs for each ECM equipment to be provided for each ECM, O&M impact of the ECM, design criteria, and other considerations.
    • c. Provide a cost proposal for the entire project. As a minimum the cost proposal will provide the total cost per ECM, including design, project management, labor, and material.
    • d. Provide a 10-year cash flow analysis that as a minimum includes energy savings, O&M savings, annual financial cost, and any positive cash flow to the Client.
    • e. A proposed Implementation Strategy that as a minimum includes a milestone schedule, Operation and Maintenance plan, and training plan
    • f. Provide, where applicable, proposed use of real time metering or any other method of monitoring for measurement and verification. Include costs to accomplish any proposed use of real time metering. Proposed metering devices and accessories will be types compatible with all remote monitoring sources.
  • 2. Bid Packages for a solicitation to energy implementation/installation contractors. Packages are not limited to, but should include the following as a minimum:
    • a. Provide electronic versions of existing site plans and any relevant drawings of the existing equipment that would be useful to the implementation contractor.
    • b. Provide a schedule of ECM milestones, including equipment servicing and preventative maintenance as well as operating manual type information where considered applicable.
    • c. Calculation spreadsheets showing detailing energy savings used in developing prioritized ECM list.
    • d. Narrative description of proposed ECM, including any specification requirements.
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