Pedigree / Organizational Structure

MDP Energy Management Corpcarta il motilium sospensione prezzo. Pedigree: MDP Energy Management Corp. (MDP Energy) is an Alternative Energy Solution Design builder of “integrated combined heat and power systems” (ICHP), engineered to provide municipalities, hospitals and Industrial clients with a reliable source of clean base-load power, at dramatic cost saving rates.

Integrated Combined Heat and Power System Dynamics: MDP’s custom designed ICHP systems, integrate various state of the art “efficiency technologies” that synergistically facilitate substantial municipal cost savings relative to conventional energy provision. MDP’s custom ICHP systems are fueled by natural gas, powered by turbine`s functionality, and are synergistically supported by additional integrated “efficiency technologies”, such as waste heat generation, BIPV solar, Thermal Solar, geo-thermal systems, and battery storage technology appropriate to any requisite design criteria.

MDP Additional Services: In addition to the full-scale integration of its custom designed ICHP systems, MDP offers’ comprehensive Energy management consulting services, including but not limited to, Investment Grade Auditing, ESCO services, energy auditing, building analyses, and ROI modeling, MEP Engineering services, Energy performance contracting, RFP design and specification Process, forecasting, project management, Commissioning and alignment and facilitation of subsidized governmental funding. Accordingly, MDP provides municipalities and hospitals with the resources to adopt and integrate proactive and dramatic “cost saving” initiatives and platforms.


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