Utility, Commodity Auditing

A home energy audit is a voluntary service that homeowners can have performed on their homes, to learn where they can save money, energy and water. Home energy audits are also referred to as energy assessments or energy evaluations. An energy audit can be done at any time, but is most often performed as a requirement for receiving government rebates. When performed in the course of applying for rebates, home energy audits usually include two different visits—one booked before you undertake your home improvements, and one booked after implementing the improvements but before sending in the paperwork for your rebates. The initial audit is also known as the “D” audit or a pre-retrofit audit, while the “E” audit is the post-retrofit evaluation. Most rebate programs require that the audit be performed by an energy advisor who is certified by the rebate program. Check the rebate program for details.

Why get an audit?

Your energy audit will show you which home improvements can save energy and water consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save money on your home’s utility bills.

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